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As the current political climate in America threatens the safety and sanctity of black, brown, working class, Indigenous, Jewish and Muslim families through dehumanizing policies and an exploitative economy - as deep rifts are exposed between race, religion and economic class - we stand at a point of fracture facing two grave questions:

  • Who belongs in our country’s circle of human concern?
  • What power do we have to create a better future for the people we love?

Across the country, women and men are embodying a love-fueled resistance, wielding a collective power and crossing lines of common division in order to widen the circle of who matters and who belongs. 

Through organizing, community building and civic participation, Americans are creating the kind of shared future and freedom that all families deserve.

Through portraiture, story, installation and digital organizing,  Facing America - a project developed in partnership with PICO National Network - seeks to:

  • BROADEN: Broaden the reach of narratives that value people over profit, placing marginalized people and families publicly at the very center of community investment, civic engagement, and their own liberation - combatting implicit bias through story and escalating the moral dilemma
  • BRIDGE: Through story, reveal the hidden common threads of suffering between communities while encouraging the discovery and practice of civic power
  • BUILD: Build the strength of community engagement and collaborative civic power-building partnerships across lines of race, faith, economic class

Facing America was developed in partnership with PICO National Network. Visit to see the portraits and stories, and to learn more about the project.