People's Action: People + Planet

November 2017

The climate crisis has already arrived. It arrived in many of our communities long ago — in Black neighborhoods surrounded by waste incinerators. In uranium mines on Native lands, and in smog fouling the air in Latino communities. This crisis is the product of an economic and political system that extracts from communities instead of putting people and planet first.

People's Action is working to make a just transition to a new economy that benefits workers, communities of color, and low-income people; organizing together so that every community enjoys clean air, safe drinking water, and good jobs in a clean-energy economy.

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Flint, Mi - April 2016

As state and local elected officials turned a blind eye to the Flint water crisis, the community swung into action; organizing to ensure that local residents were building long-term power needed to deal with the consequences of the crisis. Flint Rising was created, believing that it was directly impacted Flint residents who should be the leadership of this long-haul fight.

In a matter of weekends, volunteers knocked on over 8,000 doors to identify emergency needs in our most marginalized communities and begun to build long-term power with Flint residents. Rapid response teams of social workers follow up on the canvass to get water and other resources to elderly homebound residents, families without transportation or mothers with sick young children. All made possible by ongoing donations from across the country.

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