With more than 15 years of experience spanning four continents, Heather's work integrates digital, visual, and narrative strategy development - from photo, video, and graphic design to the execution of multi-platform digital and print campaigns. Pairing her remarkable eye for grassroots storytelling with her innovative development of digital systems, strategy, and infrastructure, Heather is uniquely skilled and positioned to help you create agile, high-impact digital campaigns to achieve your goals.



photo | video | DESIGN


Telling your stories the way you want them told

The world we live in is noisy. Help your organization's message and the voices of your communities have the reach they deserve through dynamic and personal visual storytelling.

I bring 17+ years of photo, video and multimedia story development experience to work alongside your team in order to amplify underrepresented voices in your community, generate a greater awareness around the power of your work, transform the public narrative, and achieve concrete political and systemic changes. 

  • Real-time coverage: Photo, video and social media coverage of your direct action, event, protest, town hall, etc.
  • Video: Stand alone or story series for messaging, fundraising, or organizing 
  • Social Media: Developing integrated photo, video, and graphic design assets for your organization or campaign
  • Collaborative Community-Based Projects: Visual storytelling (photo + graphic design) for protest, installations, and direct action projects
  • Longterm: Documentary photo and video work with your communities and families
  • Portraiture projects


DIGITal strategy


innovative strategy + your stories = social and political change

Whether your goal is around organizing, messaging, fundraising or list growth, pairing innovative strategies with the power of your grassroots stories is one of the most broad-reaching, effective ways to to achieve political and social change. 

Working with your communications and campaign teams, I will help you develop innovative programs to engage people and inspire action both on- and off-line, integrating messaging, emails, social media, photo, video and design, analytics, and websites.

  • Digital Campaign Development: For organizing, messaging, fundraising or list growth
  • Messaging Strategy: Developing your strategic messages and messengers in order to achieve concrete change
  • SWOT Assessment: Reviewing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats across your digital platforms, providing recommendations, best practices, training and new strategy development to help you achieve your communications and organizing goals
  • Data & Analysis: Using data to help you be more effective with your resources and time as we learn from past work, create quantitative goals, and next steps to help you achieve them.


Training & Development

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.28.41 AM.png

building the capacity you need for the long haul

Working with you to develop customized training programs for your team, it is my goal that your community be equipped tell your own stories; providing trainings that foster leadership, building capacity within your organization, and taking your organizing programs to scale.


  • Narrative Organizing 101: Developing what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to at your events, as part of your organizing, and in moments of rapid response
  • Smartphone Photography & Videography 101: Generate more stories and content by training staff and grassroots leaders
  • Team Development: Training a team of your staff and grassroots leaders to cover events and direct actions through photo, video, social media and live stream
  • Strategy Development: Coaching your staff on how to develop stories to achieve your larger goals


  • Social Media 101: Basic social media training and best practices for staff and grassroots leaders
  • Digital Organizing 101: Systems development, email best practices, reporting and analysis of metrics
  • Developing Digital Campaigns: How to develop digital organizing and fundraising campaigns alongside your grassroots or organizational strategy in order to build your base, move your target audience and achieve your goals
  • Cross Platform Strategy Development: Helping your team be as powerful as possible, thinking through audience, reach and the unique culture of each digital platform
  • Grassroots Social Media Campaign Development and Execution: Using social media to ensure the voices of your community lead the way